Medisafe & TimerCap Announce Breakthrough Wireless Pill Organizers To Make Tracking And Taking Medication Easy, Seamless And Affordable

Companies Launch Pre-Sale of iCap and iSort on, Prices Starting at $19.95 for a Limited Quantity

BOSTON, MA — April 20, 2016. Medisafe®, the personalized mHealth platform for medication management with almost three million users, and TimerCap®, manufacturer of millions of medication reminder caps yearly, today announced Medisafe iConnect™, a new portfolio of Bluetooth-enabled, low-cost connected devices paired with Medisafe’s software, as well as the pre-sale of the first two products, iCap and iSort.

iCap™ is a Bluetooth-equipped cap that fits most standard pill bottles dispensed with prescriptions in the U.S., while iSort™ is a Bluetooth-enabled weekly pill organizer for people taking multiple medications or more complex regimens. Both products are available for pre-order at starting today for limited-quantity introductory prices starting at $19.95 for the iCap.

All Medisafe iConnect products will feature TimerCap-developed hardware integrated with a co-branded version of Medisafe software. The bundled solution allows users to have their medication intake automatically logged as the iConnect devices transmit signals when they are opened directly into the Medisafe software. This information is then stored in the cloud and available to the user via the Medisafe mobile app.

In addition to Medisafe’s core features and functionality, iConnect products will deliver the following consumer benefits:

  • Storage and sorting of medications in containers that seamlessly communicate to the Medisafe platform
  • Enhanced real-time notifications to both users and their authorized caregivers regarding missed doses, refills, and other time-sensitive medication information
  • The ability to track precisely when doses are taken

“Yet another solution built on Medisafe’s platform infrastructure, the iConnect family of products will enable another layer of real-time monitoring, an important step in helping people track their adherence,” said Jon Michaeli, EVP Marketing & Business Development at Medisafe. “Medisafe, the #1 rated consumer app for managing medications, combined with TimerCap’s hardware expertise and retail and e-commerce distribution to millions of satisfied customers yearly since 2009, will finally bring an affordable end-to-end medication adherence solution to market at scale.”

“We are pleased to partner with Medisafe to bring this capability to millions of users,” said Larry Twersky, CEO at TimerCap. “Our solution not only allows patients to easily track their own medication intake, but also provides peace of mind to families who are caring for their loved ones. With automatic notifications whenever a bottle or sorter is opened, users can know instantly when it is time for a dose and be sure they take their medications on schedule.”

Medisafe’s medication management app provides users with a combination of reminders, motivation, social support, education and discounts to help them take their medications. Additionally, Medisafe Providers allows healthcare professionals to see how well treatment plans are working and make any needed changes as soon as a problem is identified, helping patients avoid unnecessary doctor visits and hospitalizations.

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