New: Medisafe’s Custom-Branded Solution

Our Custom-Branded Solution Expedites Pharma’s SaMD Opportunity

Medisafe's custom-branded solutions

Medisafe’s Custom-Branded Solution puts organizations in complete control of patients’ dedicated digital support experiences, customized with a brand’s look and feel, language, milestones, notifications, and content, all with the highest security to meet medical device regulatory standards.

In addition our no-code, cloud-based platform enables Medisafe partners to:

  • Scale at any time when ready, including global expansion;
  • Launch when expected, typically within 12 weeks;
  • Ensure no costly delays or surprise overcharges, and
  • Update all patient digital messaging simultaneously.

    The Software Development Kit (SDK) also allows pharma organizations to extend their digital patient support by integrating individual modules of their choice from Medisafe’s proven comprehensive platform into their own. For example, now partners are moving beyond medication management to expand to prior authorization follow-up, health and disease-state education, appointment management, digital co-pay cards, symptoms tracking and management, caregiver support, and more.

    Pharma organizations benefit from Medisafe’s proven pre-built integrations as well as industry-leading analytics and reporting insights.

    Custom Theme Module

    This SDK module enableds easy configuration of branding and appearance by brand colors, font family, styles and logos.

    Health and Disease State Education Module

    This SDK module allows for personalized content tailored to the patient by condition, time since diagnosis, age, gender and interests. For example, content cards can be shown at individual patient journey milestones and linked to external providers or hosted internally.

    Medication Module

    The Medication Module allows patients to manage multiple medications, complex scheduling regimen such as titration and loading doses, automating medication scheduling through an API, easy access to medication information, easy medication adjusting if the regimen is changed, medication counter with refill reminders, nd
    optional drug-to-drug interactions checker and alarms.

    Patient Engagement Module

    This module supports patient-scheduled Medisafe's custom-branded solutionsmedication, appointments, and refill reminders, along with Just-In-Time-Intervention-generated interventions based on the patient profile and treatment journey to help patients achieve health goals. For example, insurance status updates, positive reinforcement and milestone recognition, guidance about taking a new medication and follow-ups if the dose is missed.

    Surveys Module

    Partners have the ability to collect patients’ feedback to understand better their needs and concerns. These easily configurable surveys can target specific groups of audiences, with various survey templates including open-ended questions.

    Health Trackers Module

    Partners using this module have access to more than 87 symptom and health measurement trackers with the ability to add notes. Also included are measurements history and ability to export to health care providers,
    tracking reminder notifications at the right times, and constant feedback if the patient in the normal range or not.

    Appointments Module

    Complete management and notification for doctors appointments, tests, and clinic visits all fully integrated to the patient’s calendar, with appointment history and notes.

    Affordability Module

    This module offers qualifying patients discounts on the purchase of pharmaceutical products. The coupons in this module can be used to save up to 80% off the retail price of prescriptions at any of the pharmacies listed. Integration features include a live feed of pricing by participating pharmacies, exportable text/sms coupon cards, and FAQ on prescription savings.

    Caregiver Module

    With this module enabled, patients can monitor their health while also taking care of family members. It can also be used by professional caregivers.

    Analytics Module

    Partners have access to an at-a-glance view on the ‘program health’ with tools to track enrollment, engagement and understand patients needs and profile.

    Integration Module

    Medisfe’s SDK supports integrations to other vendors i.e. for financial support, copay, patient support, specialty pharmacies, and Hubs.

    For more information or to see a demo, email us at email us at [email protected]

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