New Year, New Health (App)

It’s a new year and many people are resolving to create a new or better version of themselves in 2021. While improved fitness and better health are usually top of the list, doing so isn’t an easy task. And since this is the digital age, why not explore the use of an app to help achieve your new year goals.

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Toss out the calendar
There hasn’t been a year in our collective memory in which we’ve truly understood the lesson that health is everything. A key element to maintaining or improving health is through proper medication management. While juggling doses, frequency, and timing can be a chore, Medisafe is a good place to start in managing those elements. Instead of relying on the clock and calendar, Medisafe does the work for you with reminders, engagement support, and reinforcement. The platform calculates when to take which medications to improve health and help achieve maximum efficiency, so toss out that old calendar.

Create structure in your new routine
There’s no denying that creating positive habits is hard work, especially when combined with eliminating old habits. Creating structure in your routine can help with assistance from an app like Medisafe that helps you in adopting new habits and discarding the old ones. Medisafe is an amazing application with an intuitive medication tracker that regularly motivates users to maintain their medication schedule, and work toward a healthier version of themselves.

Manage your health by managing meds
When you’re taking several medicines, it can be hard to keep track of them. And when you don’t take a medicine as prescribed, the effect on your health can be unpredictable and dangerous. Why not turn to a medication app like Medisafe to help manage your medications, and take an active role in managing your health? It’s a simple step that can help create routine, consistency, and work toward creating a healthier you. It’s a simple step, but you’ll feel better if you take steps to manage your medicines.

Provide accountability for a friend
Medisafe isn’t just for those who are taking medications but also designed to provide support for caregivers. You can use the app to help track the doses of a loved one, as well as receive notifications when they have taken the last dose of a medication. And should a dose be skipped, or they fail to take several medications over a period of time, friends and loved ones receive notifications to create a medical intervention. Known as Medfriends, nearly 70k Medisafe users rely on this support feature to help stay on track with their medications.

While resolutions are often focused on the superficial, a new year is a good time to recalibrate yourself and practice true self care. Resolutions can be reframed to be things you can improve throughout the year to lead a calmer, healthier life. A smartphone app can be a great place to start the journey toward improved health and medication management. Through simple daily steps, 2021 can become the year when health goals become health achievements.

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