Medisafe Demonstrates Double-digit Impact on Medication Adherence in Hypertension Patients

22 May 2019

Medisafe, the leading medication management platform with almost four and a half million registered users, released data today showing that, on average, hypertensive patients increase their prescription refills by almost 10% after they start using the company’s mobile app. This novel study is being conducted by the leading global provider of information, innovative technology solutions and contract research services focused on healthcare data.

In order to determine the increase in prescription claims, the study matched Medisafe users to their refill data using a HIPAA-compliant, non-identification process. The investigators calculated a medication possession ratio (“MPR”) for each of the over 4,000 patients taking an antihypertensive medication pre-app (before the patient started using Medisafe) and on-app (once the patient started using Medisafe) and grouped them into corresponding MPR deciles (0 – 0.1 being the least adherent, 0.9 – 1.0 being the most adherent). MPR is a standard metric used by the healthcare industry to track medication adherence, in which an MPR of 1.0 corresponds to a 100% refill rate.

Key findings:

  • Of patients not in the top MPR decile pre-app, 82% (1,371 of 1,667) increased by at least one decile on-app.
  • Of patients with a pre-app MPR < 0.8, 78% (920 of 1,179) increased by at least 2 deciles.
  • Of patients with a pre-app MPR < 0.5, 74% of patients (320 of 431) increased by at least 5 deciles.
  • The proportion of patients with MPR ≥ 0.80 increased from 70.80% pre-app to 86.25% on-app, a 21.8% relative increase.

“These study results prove that Medisafe and its personalized approach to delivering the most effective reminder, resource or intervention at the right time, can turn even the most chronically non-adherent patient into an adherent one,” says Jon Michaeli, EVP of Strategic Partnerships at Medisafe. “We are excited about the topline results of 10% increase in prescription refills, especially because they include a cohort of engaged patients that started using the app already quite successful on their medication regimens. But the most compelling story here is the magnitude of the behavior change amongst patients who were very non-adherent beforehand and posed the greatest risk to themselves and the health system.”

The hypertension results follow data released from the same landmark study in early March on the accuracy of Medisafe’s patient reported adherence data. In the coming months, Medisafe will continue to release results, including data regarding the platform’s impact on adherence and persistence across other therapeutic areas.

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