White Paper: Transforming How Pharma Delivers Value

White Paper: Transforming How Pharma Delivers Value

Download our latest research showing how supporting patient engagement is not only a growing strategic initiative for pharma companies but is proving to be an impactful value driver.

In today’s competitive world of pharma brands, with a narrowing share of patients and contrasting engagement channels, advanced digital solutions offer new opportunities to create value and build loyalty that leads to greater persistence and improved outcomes.

That’s why Medisafe commissioned healthcare consultancy Sage Growth Partners to create an Economic Impact Model (EIM). The model (which is based on inputs from industry case studies, real world and observational research, and literature reviews) conservatively estimates the potential revenue or saved hours that can be realized by deploying a state-of-the-art platform.

This paper describes how today’s next-gen digital solutions can deliver meaningful results for patients, providers, and pharma organizations when they have five critical elements:

  • Adaptable and integrated platform;
  • Patient-centric messaging;
  • Personalized engagement using AI;
  • Scalability, and
  • Enhanced real-world evidence.

See the full research here.