Simplifying the Digital Patient Journey with Medisafe Maestro

By Rotem Shor Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

No two patients are alike. And accordingly, no two patient journeys are the same. This means there are literally hundreds or thousands of variables that can impact a patient, creating challenges or roadblocks to successful treatment. Navigating thesaie potential instances and designing support for every patient journey is a complex task. Until now, this often meant starting from scratch with every patient flow process for drug partners. But Medisafe has done all of the hard lifting with the introduction of our new Medisafe Maestro.

Medisafe Maestro is our advanced technology that seamlessly orchestrates medication adherence journeys with precision and speed, digitizing your patient support resources through personalized delivery. Think of it like a central command center that allows partners to coordinate all the various patient journeys in one place, and leverage our machine learning engine, JITI™ to deploy support and resources directly to patients at the exact moments when challenges may occur.  

High-Tech Human Touch

The genesis of Maestro began nearly two years ago with the recognition that support and reinforcement for patients during their individual journey needed to evolve to become more personal, and adaptive to their needs. Maestro helps to transform the digital drug companion to become more personal, collect the proper data, and capture insights to deliver the right support. 

And by including connections via our Care Integration Engine enables timely interventions from real people, including Medfriends and clinicians to help with concerns or hurdles. It means personalization that is tailored to each person, their circle of support, and the right guidance when and where they need it. 

Adaptable and Flexible 

Adaptability is the cornerstone of Maestro, allowing for changes and improvements throughout a patient journey, whenever shifts are needed. In previous situations, partners might have to wait weeks or months to know where patients might encounter treatment challenges or points of interaction, and then update the process for future generations. But Medisafe Maestro is an iterative process that allows partners to test multiple brand components in real time. And should a certain patient support interaction not perform well, the system can flex and change to address issues.  

Smart Data for Smart Decisions

We know the value of data and insights, but without all the proper components, you aren’t getting the full picture. Maestro combines the comprehensive amounts of data Medisafe can capture from patient interactions, and design a more complete journey. Using data culled from patient engagement, patient adherence, content performance, survey responses, and more, we know what the exact journey looks like. Combining data with agility and responsiveness, Maestro ensures patients have all the necessary support to maintain treatment and get back to life’s important moments. 

Expedited Program Launches

Medisafe Maestro deployment

Medisafe Maestro digitizes your existing patient support resources for personalized delivery and impact.

For our partners, what often takes the most amount of time is building out all of the potential patient journeys and flow maps to ensure support throughout drug therapy. But Maestro combines all of those into one comprehensive technology, helping to advance the inventory of supportive content for every possible interaction. I think of it like designing a website, moving from pure HTML code to upgrading to some of the plug-and-play site builders now available. Maestro does something similar for the creation of patient journeys, and can process multiple patient channels all at once. This simplification in journey mapping means that a new companion experience could be launched in just a matter of weeks. 

Maestro is a revolutionary next step in digital health, advancing the adoption of digital companions. Through a harmonious set of capabilities of interactive design, optimization, oversight, and visibility, the end result is almost like drug therapy paired with digital therapy unique to each individual patient. Medisafe Maestro conducts all of these elements to create a chorus for the future of digital therapeutics. 

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