Mental Health, Access Among Patients’ Primary Health Concerns

New survey finds patients are seeking support for social determinants of health in managing their complete health

BOSTON – October 25, 2022 A new survey of more than 2,000 patients by leading digital therapeutics company Medisafe shows receiving support for mental health conditions is the biggest challenge among nearly all patient segments. The survey aimed to collect data on what health concerns continue to dominate patients’ lives in a digitally engaged healthcare environment. Fifty one percent of patients cited mental health support as their primary need.     mens-mental-health

In addition to mental health support, patients also noted a variety of other concerns. Thirty-nine percent say lack of time and motivation is a chief concern in managing their health. Additional survey results found that nearly 300 patients say clinical support and medication guidance is a top need to stay consistent on their medications. 

“These survey results demonstrate the complex concerns of modern patients and point to the need for holistic care and guidance to support both better physical and mental health,” said Omri Shor, Medisafe Chief Executive Officer and co-founder. “New digital tools can play an important role in addressing both mental and physical health while connecting patients to the care they need, and helping patients achieve better outcomes with their medication journey. In addition, this survey concludes that the age of ‘one-size-fits-all’ medicine is over. Digital solutions are an accessible way to provide patients a personalized access to healthcare.”

The survey also found health equity elements are among chief concerns for patients of various age groups. Patients aged 25-34 say access to support services such as financial support and transportation are needed most; while patients aged 35-44 say lifestyle elements such as nutrition counseling and childcare are their most urgent need. Patients 55+ say their health is creating a negative impact on their job and retirement plans, more so than mental health concerns. 

87% of respondents age 18-24 cite mental health concerns as affecting their daily lives

Survey results also identified health concerns related to race/ethnicity as well as socioeconomics. Social support (such as family engagement, chat services, etc.) is the biggest concern for the Black community, whereas access to support services is the biggest challenge for the Latino community. Middle eastern patients rate affordability as a main concern in maintaining proper health, compared to all other groups who rated mental health as their main concern.

Socioeconomic status impacted patients’ needs, and survey results found that rising inflation and spending is creating concerns for patients. Patients with lower income status say access to support services is their biggest barrier to improved health. As a result, they want more guidance (via health coaching) to support their health and medication journey. Higher earners report better control over their health, but still struggle with mental health concerns. 

Medisafe’s survey was conducted within its digital platform between September 3 – 23, capturing the viewpoints of more than 2,300 patients who use the digital drug companion to help manage one or more medications in conjunction with a medical condition.

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