Thanks 2021, Welcome 2022

By Omri Shor, CEO and Co-founder, Medisafe

2021 was an exciting year with many surprises, several bright spots, and some challenges too. But throughout it all we made amazing progress toward accomplishing key initiatives in supporting patients in their medication journey.

Omri Shor2021 was an amazing year for HealthTech, and so for us at Medisafe, as we started 2021 securing $30M in fresh funding to accelerate Medisafe’s growth. This new investment also added a couple new board members (welcome Cris and Dudi!) who are helping to scale our vision for the future. This year also brought new opportunities to partner with several top-tier pharma organizations and expanded programs with numerous companies to expand our reach.

Expanding our Medication Engagement Platform to support patients with access and coordination along with care coordination was a huge win for Medisafe this year. Our care connector solutions is now scalable to integrate care teams into patient support needs. We expanded engagement through our new care widgets, health trackers, and digital document exchange functionality. With enhanced features and more pharma organizations turning to Medisafe to connect with patients, we saw a record number of program downloads as more patients joined our advanced digital platform and increased connectivity with nurses to patients by 78%.

All these accomplishments couldn’t have been achieved without the skill and talents of our wonderful Medisafe team: this year our Medisafe family grew exponentially, increasing the size of our team by 40%. We added many new team members including expanded leadership, welcoming our newly joined Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Financial Officer, VP of People Operations, VP of Product Strategy, and several others to accomplish our goals.

While 2021 presented its fair share of challenges, we remain committed to supporting patients throughout their medication journey. Through new programs, new clients, and expanded technology, we’re able to support more patients than ever before, with more than 9M registered patients and caregivers. Our continued growth has helped to make Medisafe the leading medication engagement platform that empowers patients to seamlessly manage their treatment journey.

As we begin 2022, we start with an optimistic view that this year will continue to build upon the successes of last year, expanding opportunities with current clients while also adding new technology integrations. We know the new year will be amazing as we start with a refreshed brand and new website in early January. On behalf of the Medisafe team, thank you for your continued support. We wish you a happy, healthy and productive 2022 to you and yours.

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