The Future of Machine Learning is Available Now – and It’s Just-in-Time

By Shannon O'Toole Sr Manager, Product Marketing

Now that the initial shock of the Coronavirus outbreak has resided, healthcare strategy has shifted from rapid reaction to sustainable evolution supporting a future and novel healthcare model. In healthcare and life sciences the paradigm shifts towards the mobilization of technology to compensate for a significant decrease in direct face-to-face interaction. Development and deployment of Machine Learning (ML) was well underway at the beginning of 2020, but at the year’s halfway mark, it is clear that now is a pivotal moment for ML technology to fill the gaps in human touch points brought on by COVID-19 distancing. 


As a leader in digital therapeutics for medication management, Medisafe developed advanced ML technology, Just-in-time-interventions (JITI™), to achieve increased patient engagement, adherence and retention. JITI packs the ‘one-two-punch’ of offering the right resources (motivational messaging, reminders, educational guidance, and even interactive surveys) at just the right time for each patient yielding powerful results.

Artificial + Machine Learning for Patient Engagement

The power differential behind JITI is in its dynamic capabilities to continually evaluate a superset of patient profile (such as age, gender and medications) and individual behavior data(based on engagement in app). This contextually accounts for nuances along each step of the patient journey and offers ML within a digital companion that is as sensitive and perceptive as a human counterpart. The greatest need is for authentic ML that with precision, analyzes behavior in real time, and proactively engages the right support at the right moment for each patient.

With heightened authenticity, JITI creates hyper-personalized patient support and guidance improving engagement and empowering patients in their everyday lives. 


To put this into perspective, Medisafe recently designed a JITI program addressing a pharma client’s challenge of getting patients onto therapy and through the first take of an  injectable medication.  Patients needed a digital handhold through the prior auth process, shipment tracking and ultimately support preparing and administering their first injection.  Medisafe mapped out the moments during this initiation process where patients require additional touch points of reinforcement from updates to treatment information to motivational messages.  And JITI delivered results within one year of launching the program.  Patients already enrolled in patients support programs increased adherence by 20% with the support of the digital companion designed with JITI to guide through the first take.

It’s a People Problem

The barriers to medication adherence are challenges that cause patients to discontinue their treatment, or even prevent them from starting it.  The common causes of discontinuous include:  side effects, lack of understanding, affordability, accessibility, and regimen confusion.  The commonality here is a challenge to patient motivation and lack of education. Patient motivation to endure side effects, motivation to learn about treatment, and motivation to commit to it. The key to overcoming these barriers is motivating patients at precise moments in each individual’s patient journey that keeps them on track, or just-in-time-interventions.

The Future Healthcare Model

The effects of Coronavirus on healthcare delivery extend well beyond quarantine. Global Pharma leaders are those who invest in digital technology now to extend support and engagement into patients’ daily lives. Now is the time to boldly move forward incorporating technology that advances beyond traditional algorithms and static profiles to those that evaluate and anticipate human behavior.  To learn how JITI ML drives the execution of your digital health vision contact us.

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