The IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science’s Latest Report Names Medisafe as The Top Free & Publicly Available App for Medication Management

Designation Champions Medisafe’s Medication Management Platform as A Best-in Class Solution for Managing the Critical Problem of Patient Non-adherence

BOSTON, MA – November 7, 2017. In a recent report, the IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science recognized Medisafe®, the leading personalized mobile health platform for medication management with four million patient and caregiver registered users globally, as the “Top Free & Publically Available App for Medication Management.” The report, entitled “The Growing Value of Digital Health:  Evidence and Impact on Human Health and the Healthcare System,” highlights Medisafe’s leadership position in an industry space of over 318,000 health apps and 340 consumer wearable devices now available worldwide. The IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science was formally known as the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics.

“Medisafe is thrilled to be recognized as the IQVIA Institutes’ Top Free & Publically Available App for Medication Management,” said Omri Shor, CEO of Medisafe. “The extensive study from this prominent institution has concluded that the Medisafe solution is objectively the highest quality app in the medication management category based on the AppScript Score app quality rating.  We are proud to be named for our efforts. Ultimately, intelligent empowerment can improve the health, the lives and the futures of people around the world. That is what we are about at Medisafe.”

The study of Digital Health by the IQVIA Institute, examines trends in three areas — innovation, evidence and adoption — to examine whether these new tools are positioned to have a fundamental impact on patient care. The analysis by IQVIA Institute is a public service, without industry or government funding.

To generate a “Top Apps” list, apps with the highest AppScript Scores were selected across 15 high priority Digital Health app categories with high app demand and app quality. This yielded 25 Top Apps, including 12 Top “Free & Publicly Available” Apps, one of which was Medisafe. None of the “Top Apps” were originally developed by pharmaceutical companies.


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