The Next Frontier: Value-Based Partnerships


Medisafe is introducing a new form of partnership to propel our collaboration with partners to the next level.

We have proven that Medisafe increases medication refills rates, evidence that is backed by statistically and clinically significant findings from a comprehensive multi-therapeutic area study matching de-identified Medisafe users to their prescription claims.

We are using this same data to forecast the revenue impact to your brand of working with Medisafe, as well as to design an ROI model that competes with or outperforms your most profitable initiatives. And throughout our collaboration, you can rest assured, Medisafe’s success is directly tied to yours.

Creating Value Together

Our research shows that patients who use Medisafe for at least 60 days and take a depression medication fill an additional 4.5 times per year. See how much value Medisafe can generate for Brand X in this therapeutic category:

Assuming a revenue per fill of $200 (WAC – discounts and operational costs), Brand X can generate over $2M in additional revenue by partnering with Medisafe. And because Medisafe offers a new value-based model, there is limited risk if the collaboration does not perform to expectations.