Your Digital Drug Companion for Eight Years – And Counting

By Omri Shor, Founder & CEO at Medisafe®

While the past 12 weeks have rattled us all to the core, the mission of Medisafe to empower patients through technology has never been stronger or more relevant. And, now, more than ever, Medisafe is extremely proud of the support we provide to our users.

Medisafe CEO Omri Shor

Almost eight years ago we started Medisafe to help one patient, my father, manage his medication regimen after failing to do so (Medisafe User #1). Back then, I had no idea we would be creating the leading digital therapeutics platform for medication management. Today, we are excited to announce yet another milestone: We have surpassed 6.5 million registered users globally!

Going Beyond Medication Adherence and Persistence During Coronavirus

Beyond the numbers, it’s the way we care for people and empower them that makes me recognize the true power of Medisafe. When the coronavirus pandemic began, we recognized immediately the impact of isolation on our users and we increased the check-ins with them to understand their concerns of managing their care through the outbreak.

We learned many things that helped us navigate these trying times and ensure our patients were getting the best service and support possible. Interestingly, patients treating different conditions had varying concerns from feeling like their medications were making them more vulnerable to the virus to patients concerned about running out of medications.

However, what shocked us most was half of our patients missed doctor’s appointments, including screenings and labs. As a result, patients asked Medisafe for reliable updates and information about the Coronavirus outbreak. We turned to the recognized leader in patient and provider education and services, Everyday Health. Together we forged a partnership to update patients with COVID-19 content sourced from Everyday Health.

Additionally, we introduced to all U.S. users our pharmacy services which enables refills and home delivery of medications. Medisafe users can now not only manage their medications but also get their meds delivered through a single, seamless experience.

This philosophy and approach were crucial over the past three months, but it’s equally as important 24x7x365 regardless of whether there is a global pandemic or if it is just an ordinary Tuesday. Because we understand that staying connected and staying informed is vital to supporting patients through their treatment at all times.

So, while we’ve seen tremendous growth in our user base—with over hundreds of thousands of users joining since the Coronavirus situation started—it comes down to empowering patients in their times of need, whenever and wherever that may be. But, just don’t take our word for it; see what real users had to say this year:

Honestly this app has been a life saver. I am on a number of medications that I take at several different times of the day. Until I started using the app my compliance was hit or miss. I am reminded what to take and when and my various issues are much improved.
– Elizabeth, Android User

Best App Out There!! I’ve used this app for almost 3 years now and it is the best medication reminder app out there!! Thank you so much Medisafe! You’re a life saver!!
– Babygirl 87, iPhone User

This is my first time writing an app review but had to because I love this app so much. Never have I had an app match what’s in my head and beat expectations. This app is intuitive (I was able to setup while drugged up within 15 minutes), thinks through all the complications with taking medicine, and is easy to use. Thank you Medisafe, I wouldn’t have gotten through my complex drug and injection regimen post operation without your app, a true life saver!!!
– Rachel, Android User

This app is a life saver, I have quite a few medical conditions, this has changed my life, being reminded to take them on time & what dosage…It reminds me to reorder medications, lets me list my doctors and put appointments, and it reminds you about them as well. You can send status reports to whoever you need to, and a weekly report to see how that week has went. Has lots of information about medications.
– Natalie, Android User

Best app I’ve ever used! This has been a total life saver, can’t praise it enough. On my third day of taking ALL the correct tablets at the correct times..been trying for years to do that all by myself!
– TingTongToo, iPhone User

Undoubtedly, there will be more change, upheaval, market dynamics and outside factors that impact patients’ daily lives. We’re ready, we’re here for the long run, and we’ll continue to innovate so that patients everywhere have a trusted resource they can rely on.

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