[CASE STUDY] Pharma Leader Sees How Digital Support Amplifies Results

Combining Hub, human, and digital approaches for patient support has significant impact

22 Feb 2022

National Rollout Case Study

When faced with challenges assisting patients with access to support programs, a global pharma leader turned to Medisafe for a digital solution. This pharma leader
required flexible technology that would elevate their existing program and reimagine the standard, telephonic approach.

Among the findings: Combining the Human element of a support program with digital is pivotal in helping patients initiate – and remain engaged – in their treatment journeys.

Download the case study and see specifically how combined human, Hub, and digital achieved:

  • Quick enrollment growth by adapting and integrating onboarding workflows;
  • Optimized and simplified care team support that prioritizes at-risk patients; and
  • Increased transparency and patient connection through bi-directional channels.


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