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Meet David, a Medisafe User Living with Epilepsy

Meet Jessica

Jessica Had a Seizure

"I had a seizure and woke up with aphasia, which means I couldn't talk...I was put on 8 different medications and couldn’t keep track of all that. I downloaded a few applications and the one that worked best was Medisafe. I’m not relying on anybody to tell me when to take my meds anymore."

Jessica | Medisafer since 2015

Meet Makeba
Meet Makeba

Eight Different Prescriptions

"He was given eight different prescriptions upon release from the hospital and it was very overwhelming to me. So I came across Medisafe and it was the best thing that could ever have happened because I don’t know how I would have managed."

Makeba and Son | Medisafer Since 2017

Meet Jessica

Take Control

Medisafe allows you to take control of your epilepsy medication journey - from complicated dosing schedules to keeping track of dozens of measurements, it's all here in one place. Well even let you know if two of your meds may cause an unhealthy interaction.

Caregiver Support

Add a Medfriend to Help Stay on Track

Add a family member or loved one to get notified in case you miss a dose - all discretely and free! Here's how.

See and Send Your Progress Reports

Instantly see your daily, weekly and monthly medication progress, as well as your reports from wearables and apps! Here's how.

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More Than Just a Reminder

We're approaching 10 million people who have uses Medisafe, enabling them to focus on living their lives to the fullest. Here's what they say.

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