Medisafe Discovers Why Majority of Antiplatelet Patients Skip Doses

Medisafe Discovers Why Majority of  Antiplatelet Patients Skip Doses

Medisafe’s real-world data shows that more than half of patients taking the most-prescribed antiplatelet meds have missed 1 to 5+ consecutive doses, leaving some untreated and at a greater risk of thrombosis and other complications. Overall adherence and reasons for skipping doses vary significantly by brand, complicating intervention efforts by healthcare companies lacking insight into their patients’ mindset.

How Many Antiplatelet Patients Skip Doses

Of the three brands analyzed, Antiplatelet-1 showed the highest adherence among patients using Medisafe, compared to Antiplatelet-3 which is usually prescribed twice a day.

Why Antiplatelet Patients Skip

Medisafe tapped into the patient mindset by surveying more than 6,000 patients, asking them why they missed their doses.

Conclusion: Needs Vary by Brand

These discoveries indicate that patients taking antiplatelet meds may need more support in specific areas such as reminders, financial assistance, or side-effect education. However, the type of patient support needed varies across brands, so understanding the patient needs by brands identifies the most impactful intervention, potentially saving a life.

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