Medisafe Discovers Divergent Patient Perceptions Across SSRI Medications

Medisafe Discovers Divergent Patient Perceptions Across SSRI Medications

Medisafe’s real-world data shows patients treated for depression with a newer antidepressant brand (Brand-SSRI) are experiencing dramatically different perceived results in the first two months of therapy compared to patients on other SSRIs.

Medisafe surveyed almost 2,000 patients and discovered that it takes Brand-SSRI patients six to eight weeks to experience therapeutic benefits from their medication compared to other SSRI patients who report benefits in as few as four to six weeks.

Despite the delayed effects of Brand-SSRI, Medisafe’s adherence and persistence tracking reveals these patients are just as adherent as other SSRI patients. In fact, Brand-SSRI patients report less concerns about side effects and dependency in the first month of treatment, but then experience an increase in concerns between months two and six once the medication effects start. Overall, the most adherent Brand-SSRI patients report the least side effect concerns.

Medisafe incorporates these insights into custom programs for SSRI patients during the first critical months of treatment that help manage expectations and alleviate concerns leading to improved adherence and engagement.

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