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For patients battling complex conditions, managing medications should be one less worry. Living with a serious health issue comes with many questions and uncertainties that can shift from day-to-day. 

 This level of understanding is the backbone of Medisafe operations, helping to reduce fears, deliver guidance, and offer customized support throughout an uncertain journey.

We recently updated our interactive demo that allows users to get a full glimpse of our digital companion’s capabilities in just one week. While many medication journeys can be much more extensive, lasting weeks, months, or more, helping to put that experience into perspective means one less worry for patients. Here is a snapshot of the challenges patients face in their journey, and how Medisafe provides support along the way:

Day 0: Sign-up and program enrollment

Many patients fall off treatment before even starting, due to complex initiation and medication onboarding.

After downloading the Medisafe app and adding Onclegen, the platform walks users through to determine if they are a patient or caregiver. It also includes information on taking a medication for the first time. This section reviews and confirms any necessary prior authorization conditions. Once that is completed and verified, users are on their way to start their journey with a digital drug companion.

Day 1: Starting medication

Patients early in their treatment may have questions about their medication, their condition, and adjusting to a new routine.

Onclegen demonstrates the power of holistic support in those early treatment moments. After confirming the use of the medication, whether it’s the first time taking a medication or a returning user, the next step is starting the medication. Patients (or caregivers) are also encouraged to add any other medications to their digital medicine cabinet to ensure there aren’t any potential drug interactions.

Day 2: Refill updates

Delayed refills can create interruptions in medication schedule, and impact treatment efficacy.

Using a digital drug companion helps to stay compliant on medication, and also alerts users when a medication might be due for a refill. Depending upon a physician’s instruction, the platform can send reminders of when a medication refill might be needed.

Day 3: Rest days

For complex regimens, certain medications may mean users skip a day or have a “rest” day. These different titration schedules, or complicated cycles can challenge medication adherence.

Medisafe’s digital drug companion is prepared for that and alerts users when it’s a rest day. This is especially important for patients taking medications that may cause side-effects, knowing a rest day is on the horizon offers hope and relief.

Day 4: Health tracking

Making medication management part of everyday life requires more than just schedule reminders.

Medisafe also includes a way for patients to capture information about the mental journey of medication management. We include a health tracker that allows users to capture ratings on moods, sleep, energy, nutrition, and other areas. Patients can use this information during follow-up visits with a provider to evaluate how a medication is impacting the full scale of their lives.

Day 5: Checking side-effects

Patient education resources, like side effect preparation, must meet patients in their moments that matter to break through treatment barriers.Resolve: Every medication poses certain risks and side effects, some more complex than others. Typically, those side-effects appear within 5-10 days of starting a medication. Medisafe includes a prompt to review these side effects, including suggestions on how to combat them and when to contact a provider.

Day 6: Preparing for next appointment

Digital solutions connect patients, their providers and pharma throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

Digital drug companions don’t just assist patients with their medications, but all the various aspects related to the treatment journey. This includes providing users with information that will help for follow-up appointments. Medisafe creates a central resource for patients to review their inputs to review with a provider during their next visit.

Day 7: Complete the experience

With a full week completed, patients now know what to expect with a digital drug companion from Medisafe and how the platform extends beyond just a pill reminder. The full power is unlocked as patients enroll their medications and receive daily support messages, get updates on their condition and medications, gain access to resource tools, and receive personalized updates throughout the journey.

Ready now? Download the Onclegen Simulated Patient Journey Demo Here

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