IQVIA Study: Medisafe Digital Companion Dramatically Improves Medication Adherence and Extends Patients’ Therapy Persistence


In response to the challenge that Medisafe users are more inclined to be

adherent with medication management, Medisafe created a study with IQVIA

to measure the impact that digital companions can have on a chronically

non-adherent patient population.IQVIA study proves Medisafe dramatically improves medication adherence.

Medisafe’s study measured the impact of digital companions across three

therapeutic areas: hypertension, major depressive disorder, and diabetes on

over 4,000 patients.

Adherence was measured using the Medication Possession Ration (MPR)

identifying patients for this study with a MPR of <0.8 (pre-index before using

Medisafe). The study compared Medisafe users to a control group of non-

Medisafe users who had been prescribed their specific medication for use

between 2014 and 2017 to measure persistence.IQVIA study proving Medisafe dramatically improves medication adherence

Key Findings:

  • More than 70% of patients became adherent
  • Hypertension, diabetes and depression patients increased their median MPR to above 0.9 (out of a possible 1.0) after using Medisafe
  • By month 12, hypertension and depression patients were 2-3x more likely to remain on therapy than the controls.
  • By month 24, hypertension and depression patients were 6x more likely to remain on therapy than the controls.See all the results: Download the results:

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