Komodo Health Study: Medisafe Digital Companion Increases Adherence and Persistence


Komodo Health conducted a study to examine the impact on patient adherence and time on therapy when medications are combined with Medisafe’s digital drug companion. The results found Medisafe helped patients increase medication adherence and persistence when combined with Medisafe’s platform.

Results showed that existing patients who joined the Medisafe program saw a 7% increase in adherence pre- vs. post-Medisafe start compared to those not on Medisafe, who showed no statistically significant increase over the same time frame. In fact, Medisafe program users demonstrated a 5.8% adherence lift to 95.5% compared to the control group exhibiting a high adherence rate of 89.9% Patients using Medisafe remained compliant on the medication an additional five weeks compared to those patients not using a digital drug companion over a 52-week period.

Download the results: